I have chosen to end DOT DOGS services and look forward to the next chapter in our lives.

I will leave our little story here for you to know our history.


DOT DOGS is owned and run by  Julie Pearce, Dog Behaviour & Training Instructor, GDTA (2006)

DOT DOGS evolved with the arrival of Paris and Roubaix, who came in to our lives as 8 week old puppies in 2003. They made us a family and we soon learned that it was all about training us, or "dog owner training" - the dogs already knew what they were doing, and they continue to teach us to this day.


Paris and Roubaix have passed over the rainbow bridge and we miss them every day.

We now have our next generation of fur family members, Brough and Greta.

They couldn't be any more different to our original girls but they are continuing the tradition of teaching us something everyday, making us better humans and better educators for all of our clients. 

The creation of the DOT DOGS phrase began with our own learning journey of  "dog owner training" (DOT). 

We now like to call this PET PARENT TRAINING as we consider our pups and dogs to be true members of our family with sentient and cognitive qualities similar to our own.

Julie's extensive work has ranged from puppies through to adult dogs, Government approved dog obedience certificate training, behaviour assessments, animal rescue & animal rescue shelter training programs, enrichment programs, pre-puppy training and home set ups for new arrivals (pups, dogs, baby, pocket pets), behaviour modification programs, family training and even dingo puppy training!

Julie qualified as a dog training instructor with the Gentle Dog Trainers Association in 2006, advocates of positive reinforcement - reward based training, and worked as a Senior Instructor at the Kintala Dog Club until 2014.

In 2014 Julie began her work in animal rescue and rehabilitation at Second Chance Animal Rescue. Her deep understanding and experience of rescue dogs has built her reputation in understanding their post adoption training needs and supporting their new families in this journey.

Behaviour and training programs are essential to help our puppies and dogs cope and succeed in our busy human world.

Our training programs are about understanding your dogs, learning with the latest scientifically proven principles,  bond building, fun and support.  


2021 has seen DOT DOGS expand it's training team - with our Puppy Play Dates & Puppy School Teaching Team members coming on board.                                                                                                                                

Welcome to Mish, Anj, Ali & Tatiana - all qualified & sharing  the DOT DOGS principles of positive reinforcement and looking after our "village" of people and pooches.   

It is our vision to set everyone up for success - and have fun together with your pups in your shared learning and socialisation journey!