8 - 16 weeks old

PUPPY SCHOOL   $170 for the complete 5 week program

8 - 16 weeks of age 


The 8-16 week age window is the perfect time to take advantage of your puppy's critical period of socialisation, where everything that happens in this age bracket will shape your puppy in to what they will be as an adult dog. Making it a positive experience is the key to a happy, well behaved and well socialised adult dog.

Our 5-week puppy school program will teach you and your pup socialization skills, understanding dogs and puppies, puppy play, obedience skills for life and puppy problem solutions - from teething to toilet training, and everything in between.

Reward based training (positive reinforcement) & learning with games.

Your Puppy School (Remote Learning Program) package includes:

  • our exclusive Puppy School Support Notes ebook

  • 5 weekly Puppy School Skills videos

  • 5 weekly video chats for real time training and puppy problem solving

  • a voucher to join our PUPPY PLAY DATES - Urban Dog Skills, outdoor socialisation class. Eligible puppies are those who have had their second vaccination + 10 days. This is a veterinary approved immunity status for puppies to be on concrete in our community spaces.



Held at Thornbury Veterinary Hospital, 670-672 High Street, Thornbury, www.thornburyvet.com.au

Classes: Tuesday & Wednesday evenings from 7.00pm, Saturday afternoons 2.00pm & 3.30pm.

5 weekly classes - one hour duration.

All pups who have had their first vaccination (given at 6-8 weeks) are eligible to attend.

Maximum of 5 puppies per class gives everyone great space for play, learning activities and individual attention.

See our Calendar of Events for our upcoming Puppy School Programs.

Contact Us now to register for Classes with the following details:

1. Your preferred class date/time

2. Your name, email address and mobile number

3. Puppy name, sex, date of birth, breed and number of vaccinations received so far.

Puppy School Support Program – PUPPY +      $75 per hour

8 weeks - 6 months of age

For all registered Puppy School participants we offer our PUPPY + Program.

Our trainer can help you:

  • Prepare for puppy’s arrival

  • Set up the home space

  • Train the family for success with our Family Training lessons

  • Provide in home training sessions before, during and after your attendance at Puppy School to consolidate all skills  

  • Provide puppy visits, puppy sitting and puppy activities while you are away for the day

  • Post Puppy School Support

This service is available from the moment you register for Puppy School & up to your pup's 6 month birthday.

Many previous Puppy School clients have described this service as "invaluable" to their family harmony.

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