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Our qualified and experienced trainers will come to you.

In Home Dog Training Consultations $120 per hour 

(first appointment)

Follow up appointments $100 per hour

Our trainer will come to you for any training challenges with your dog.

  • Increasing your dog's obedience skills for a happy life together

  • Improving dog owner handling skills

  • Behaviour challenges

  • Barking, Digging, Chewing, Crying, Jumping, Leash Pulling

  • Separation anxiety, Fearful or Reactive Behaviours

  • Neighbour or council complaints - proactive support to build happy families and neighbourhoods

  • Family training - getting everyone on the same page

  • Welcome Home training - for a newly acquired family member from puppy to adopted adult dogs

  • Home preparation - making the home space a fun, enriching and calm space for your dog


Your lesson will include behaviour reports and support notes to help you get the most out of the lesson experience.

Contact Us to make your booking now.

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