For any training or behaviour challenges with your dog in the comfort of your own home - remote or on site options available  - see our recommended trainer list below


  • Training challenges - puppies to adult dogs

  • Increasing your dog's obedience skills for a happy life together

  • Improving dog owner handling skills

  • Behaviour challenges

  • Barking, Digging, Crying, Jumping, Leash Pulling

  • Chewing & Destructive behaviours

  • Separation Distress & Anxiety 

  • Fearful or Reactive Behaviours

  • Resource Guarding

  • Dog aggression

  • Prey drive

  • Neighbour or council complaints - proactive support to build happy families and neighbourhoods

  • Family training - getting everyone on the same page

  • Welcome Home training - for a newly acquired family member from puppy to adopted adult dogs

  • Post Adoption Training (PAT) Program

  • Home preparation - making the home space a fun, enriching and calm space for your dog

  • Multidog and multispecies households - introductions and family harmony

  • Your lesson will include behaviour reports and support notes to help you get the most out of the lesson experience.

*2022 brings in new changes with my move to NSW.
For my Melbourne clients: in person appointments can be made with our network of fellow positive reinforcement trainers (see referral links below)
DOT DOGS recommends the following trainers for in person appointments, servicing the inner and inner northern suburbs of Melbourne - members of our positive reinforcement training network:
Tatiana @ www.dogzwalkabout.com
Mish @ www.woofwonders.com
Tom @ www.happydogproject.com.au
Nicole @ www.planetk9.com.au
For veterinary behaviour guidance DOT DOGS recommends contacting:
Dr Thulasi Sarvananthar @ www.evervet.com.au