I have been working with Julie for many years and in that time her professionalism and knowledge of canine behaviour has greatly impressed me. Julie has the very unique ability to impart all of her knowledge while at the same time making her clients feel supported and understood in what can sometimes be difficult circumstances. Julie is passionate about dogs and helping families gain a better understanding of how to work with their pet to lead to a better quality of life for all involved. Over the years I have received many phone calls and emails from Julie’s clients thanking me for putting them in touch with her. Their sincere appreciation of how Julie has helped them make a better life for them and their dogs has been touching. I will continue to refer and recommend people to DOT Dogs in the knowledge that they will receive excellent service and practical information for happier dogs and families.

Katarina Behan

Dog Trainer, The Kintala Club

Administration Officer, The Gentle Modern School of Dog Training

Just wanted to let you know that Lily is progressing every day.  I love her more and more every day.  I can’t thank you enough for your training.  Lily and I do miss your visits though.  I have been able to do a small amount of socializing with a girlfriend’s 2 little dogs. Once again thank you so much.


Love from Lee and big licks from Lily.

Julie, just a word of thanks for your invaluable assistance with my two rescued dogs, Bambi and Leo.  From the first time we spoke on the telephone, it was like dealing with an old, wise friend (who would also tell a few home truths) and who could provide me with the strategies and resources necessary for stress free, well socialised, happy dogs. Our lessons were a 'treat' for me, as well as the dogs!  Now it is up to me to put the theory into practice.  Once again, many thanks.

Carmel Murphy

Thanks for your text this morning.  I must email you to fill you in on his progress. As we've come to learn, the path taken with a rescue dog is not an easy one, but in the end it's been one of the best things we've done! Basil is such a part of our family now, and despite all of the early troubles, his nose poking around the door when I arrive home in the evening still makes me smile!


We can't thank you enough for your patience so early in the picture.  We were actually thinking that now he's calmed down a lot, it would be perfect timing to book Basil in with Kintala for proper dog training. I'd like to socialise him more with other people and dogs, and think that might be a great way forward. He responds very quickly to food commands, and we've continued teaching him little tricks - he rolls over well, and shakes hands! Thanks again Julie!


Elise & Basil

Julie is the best puppy trainer I have experienced over the years. She gave our whole family a gentle, unified approach to early training with our Mini Schnauzer. Not only did she include our children in the training using concepts they could readily engage with but she also helped us to understand the ways our dog was communicating with us, to read her body language and behavioural cues. Her ongoing advice and training has been exceptionally helpful.


Thanks Julie,



I regularly recommend Julie to our clients for everything from puppy school (held at Thornbury Vet Hospital) to basic obedience and more complex behavioural issues. She focuses on reward based training which creates a positive and strong bond between dog and owner, I truly believe her “train the owner” approach delivers fantastic results.


Dr Seina Capp BVSc (hons)